Current Investments

HiretheWorld makes it easy to find, manage and pay an on-demand, global workforce. You can hire a single freelancer for a specific job or crowdsource a creative contest amongst many freelancers for a fraction of the traditional cost.

JamBase Inc. is an online music Internet company incorporated in California in the late 1990s. The core product is a live music search engine with supporting services such as updates, articles, contests, and personalized user pages. “My experience with the SBS VF has been very positive. The selection process was exciting and quite challenging. The student and faculty selection committee helped me to sharpen the JamBase story and pitch. -David Rosenheim, Chairman, JamBase

GreenPrint Technologies software eliminates home and office printing waste by eliminating common types of wasteful pages.

MoBank is a service allowing customers to make day-to-day transactions and administer their personal finances any time, any place and from any Internet connected device (mobile or fixed). “It was great to work with SBS Venture team in 2008 on the MoBank investment.  The selection process was an unforgettable experience and we look forward to the benefits of being part of the SBS network through the forthcoming months.” -Dominic Keen, Founder, MoBank

Cignifi Inc. is revolutionizing the way financial service companies meet the needs of an estimated 2.7 billion people worldwide with a mobile phone but no access to formal financial services.  Cignifi has the first proven credit scoring solution capable of closing this gap. “The SBS Venture Fund embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our school great. The opportunity as an Alum to pitch three of the world’s best investors was like another business degree – taught through trial by fire, and a kind of osmosis. Dealing with the MBAs and University to finalize the investment terms felt friendly and fair. It is a phenomenal way to get funded.” Dan Marmar, Co-founder, Cignifi Inc.

KnowHowMart is a new innovative and flexible online marketplace that allows anyone with experience and expertise in any area to sell advice by the hour over the telephone. KnowHowMart matches those seeking advice to those that can offer that advice and facilitates the process by holding the fees in escrow as well as providing a confidential conferencing service so that no personal contact details are disclosed.

MBO School teaches business executives how to undertake an MBO and to introduce you to experts who have the knowledge and experience to help you decide if this is a step you would like to take. MBO School is a two day workshop, held at the weekend. By the end of MBO School you will be much better equipped to decide if you and your team want to undertake an MBO.


Oxford nanoSystems (OnS) has been recognized through the Shell Springboard Challenge, Tata Idea Idol, and Santander Entrepreneurial Awards as a transformational company utilizing innovative technologies to develop commercially viable products within the heat transfer industry. Recently accepted to the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Center in Harwell, OnS will use emerging developments in nanotechnology and additive manufacturing to disrupt widely used but rarely improved industrial platforms. Powered by a unique blend of experts, facilities, and rare market access, OnS’s vision is to bring existing boiler systems into the 21st century, improving their efficiencies, cost structures, and service requirements.

Exited Investments

Zoombu helps to find the best travel to any destination in Europe. Its proprietory search engine technology finds complete end-to-end routes including flights, ferries, trains coaches and driving which saves the user from having to visit dozens of websites to build an itinerary. The user simply selects the cheapest, fastest, or most carbon friendly route from the search results.

“The SBS Venture Fund presents an exceptional funding opportunity for entrepreneurs emerging from Oxford University and the Saïd Business School. The Fund Committee ensures that every candidate business is put through a rigorous application, selection and due diligence process, which mirrors that at a professional VC firm. Pitching to Sir Philip Green and David Bonderman in front of an audience of 400 people and receiving a thorough grilling on all aspects of our business was a truly unforgettable experience.  We are delighted to be part of the Fund’s portfolio and are excited about the development opportunities the investment will provide.” – Rachel Armitage, Co-Founder, Zoombu